Supplier Expectation
PHE strives to develop our Suppliers to achieve best-in-class qualifications and performance as a key means of delivering high-quality products to satisfy end customers with the reasonable cost, delivery and required services excellence. Small, medium and large organizations are all eligible to become suppliers especially those who have well-developed, proactive approaches to customer service, product and service innovation and sustainability. ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 accreditation are also distinct advantage. Suppliers who qualify as being able to deliver the expectations are greatly welcomed to constantly or continually dealing with PHE in a mutually productive relationship.

The key qualities we expect from suppliers include:

  1. Suppliers have strong commitment in HSE and Quality management system;
  2. Suppliers shall deliver consistently new, genuine products in compliance with PO requirements;
  3. Suppliers must strive to measure and continuously improve their performance by the use of Performance Measurement tools & methods such as SCOR metrics;
  4. Supplier will work together with PHE in a mutually beneficial environment to find ways to continuously improve performance: optimize order fulfillment cycle time, reduce supply chain management costs, and improve asset turnover ratio;
  5. Supplier is expected to offer and implement solutions to overcome any potential problem that may arise in the supply chain relationship with PHE ;
  6. Supplier is expected to demonstrably contribute in overall sound business performance along the supply chain;
  7. Supplier shall endeavor to create a safe, comfortable working environment and to conserve the earth environment.

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